Photo: Erika Hebbert

Be your own icon! An example for the rest. Watch the consequences of being yourself!”

That line is one of the lyric lines that represent the essence of Point’s vision. Their mission is to inspire people to feel good about themselves and to see the immense value of personal growth. They believe everyone is responsible for their own happiness, and to achieve that, we have to wake up and take action to be the best version of ourselves.

Point is very passionate about personal development and mental health.They have felt how easy it is to become unhappy with all the pressure and ideals you have to fit into in today’s society. What they write about is their own experiences and how they dealt with them. Now, they want to share their truth to help people find their own voice and the tool to live a happier life.

Their band logo, the crane bird “ICON,” is an illustrated embodiment of the band’s mission. They want the bird to become an icon for personal growth. A beacon that can inspire people to love themselves and stand up for their values and beliefs.

Point’s vision for their music is to write freely without any clear sound or style in mind. Using modern-day songwriting techniques and influences from modern and old music, they manage to create something new and original that sounds fresh, energic, and interesting. The music falls into the genre of pop music with its structure and topics.

Point is a Norwegian band with a great deal of experience in the music industry as songwriters, session players, and artists. They have released several songs and albums with other artists and projects.