Photo: Chris Michael Aasland

Point is Halvor Rollag and Chriss Rune Angvik, who met when they studied music together in Oslo. After working as session musicians for several years, together and separately, touring with various bands and artists at home in Norway and abroad, they decided to take a new direction in their careers. They wanted to be artistically responsible and work purposefully with something that meant something to them and matched their grand ambitions for themselves and the music. The result of this was the band Point.

The music can be described as grandiose pop with large and ambitious productions. The instruments complement each other creatively and tastefully; the vocal lines are original and often alive with harmonies. All this results in a soundscape that feels open and large. They have managed to create something new and unique, both musically and as a concept, but with a clear inspiration for their love of melodic rock, prog from the 70s/80s, and modern pop. Characteristic features of the music are usually a solid and tight groove mixed with creative and melodic melodies and harmonies, topped with a fresh and catchy vocal.

Point’s goal and vision are to, through their lyrics, inspire and motivate people to feel good about themselves and to see the value of self-development. They believe that everyone is responsible for their own happiness and success, and to achieve what we want in life, we ​​must take rational steps to become the best version of ourselves.

Point promotes a vital message for people and the society we live in. Their wish is that the listener, whether at a concert or on the radio, should be left with a boost of motivation, inspiration, and energy, which will improve their day or life. The music is well suited whether on a festival stage, at home in the living room, or driving in the car.

Their logo, the crane “ICON,” is an illustrated embodiment of the band’s vision. They want the bird to become an icon of personal growth. An icon that can inspire people to love themselves and stand up for their values. The members of Point know the value of hard work and targeted focus. Their individual egos are put aside when they work together because the product always comes first. They also believe that to create a unique product that stands out, there is no room for compromise or leaving anything to chance. 

Chriss and Halvor have a significant advantage since they have worked as session musicians for many years and are trained live and studio musicians who consistently deliver high quality. As partners, they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are constantly developing themselves to get better at their craft, but also as human beings. 

Point focuses on making music they love and strongly believe can reach a large audience, purely musically but also with its important message. They collaborate with highly skilled musicians and write consciously in English to reach as many people as possible. Mixing and mastering are done by experienced people who work and live in Los Angeles to ensure that the music is of an international standard. The songs have a universal nerve that can potentially hit a vast spectrum of people worldwide. 

In a world characterized by political uncertainty, pandemic, and mental health challenges, it can be easy to get a negative view of the future. Point wants to help people take more responsibility for themselves with their message. The ripple effects of this will hopefully help people cope with difficult situations in everyday life. With their music, Point wants to contribute to making the world a better place for us all. They hope to be good role models people can look up to and rely on. If there is something we need more of today, it is positivity, initiative, and love. This is their main message and motivates Point in everything they do because they are convinced they can make a difference.